For this error

SEVERE: Unsuccessful: create table Attachment (id number(19,0) not null, accessType number(10,0), attachedAt timestamp, attachmentContentId number(19,0) not null, contentType varchar2(255 char), name varchar2(255 char), size number(10,0) not null, attachedBy_id varchar2(255 char), TaskData_Attachments_Id number(19,0), primary key (id))
The column size is not a valid name. Size is a reserved word in oracle.

SEVERE: Unsuccessful: create table Deadline (id number(19,0) not null, date timestamp, escalated number(1,0) not null, Deadlines_StartDeadLine_Id number(19,0), Deadlines_EndDeadLine_Id number(19,0), primary key (id))
The column date is not a valid name. Date is a resereved word in oracle.

SEVERE: Unsuccessful: create table Comment (id number(19,0) not null, addedAt timestamp, text clob, addedBy_id varchar2(255 char), TaskData_Comments_Id number(19,0), primary key (id))

Comment is a reserved word in oracle. The table name will need to be changed.

SEVERE: Unsuccessful: create table Notification_BusinessAdministrators (task_id number(19,0) not null, entity_id varchar2(255 char) not null)
The table named Notification_BusinessAdministrators is too long. Needs to be at most 30 chars.

Same thing for the following tables
Fixing these should resolve the problem.

2009/8/25 Mauricio Salatino <>
Yes, I run it with postgreSQL and MySQL without problems..
Can you post the problems here?

On Tue, Aug 25, 2009 at 4:29 PM, SBalakrishnan <> wrote:


Eventually we plan to use oracle for persistence,
hence I pointed my persistence.xml (Human Task component) to an Oracle
Database 10g instance
and immediately ran into
a number of critical issues (invalid identifiers,reserved names , and
identifier is too long etc.).

The logs are attached. Am I missing something ? Have others used other
databases apart from the default (H2) ?

Thanks in advance

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