There seem to be a few bugs with Guvnor enumerations.

The editor can't deal with more than 15 enumerations in a single file. Any more get hidden off-screen so that they can't be edited. The issue is in both Chrome and Firefox.

See these two enumerations?

'MyFact.currencies': (new com.myapp.guvnor.enums.CurrencyEnum()).isoCodes()
'MyFact.currencies' : (new com.myapp.guvnor.enums.CurrencyEnum()).isoCodes()

The second isn't parsed correctly by the editor. Unfortunately, it turns out that if there's a space before the ":" (as per examples in the user manual), then when loaded into the editor in Guvnor, it doesn't recognise the "field". That text box ends up empty.

btw Removing the space before colons in my enumeration definitions may have improved things so that I do at last see the correct field names in the "Field" column. However, the original issue still remains re. missing property accessors.

I don't suppose that anybody has managed to get data enumerations working in Guvnor 5.5.0.Final and could provide an example that works?



On 26 Mar 2013, at 16:07, Stephen Masters <> wrote:

Hi folks,

I don't suppose anything notable changed between 5.3 and 5.5 in the way Guvnor loads data enumerations?

I have a number of enumerations similar to the following:

'MyFact.currencies' : (new com.myapp.guvnor.enums.CurrencyEnum()).isoCodes() 

But I see the exception in Guvnor:

Unable to load enumeration data.
[Error: unable to invoke method: isoCodes] [Near :{... 'MyFact.': .}] ^ [Line: 1, Column: 1]
Error type: org.mvel2.PropertyAccessException

The jar is in the lib directory, there is a method called "isoCodes()", and when I run the main class inside it then the various enumerations are returned. And yes, it did (does) work absolutely fine in 5.3 with this same configuration.

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