Aren't you confusing things?

Using a template engine is a step that creates DRL (i.e., the Drools rule source
language) text from templates and actual parameters to fill in formal
template parameters. The "interface" of an alternative generator is
defined by the DRL language; not by the org.drools.lang.descr package.
Generated text can be compiled by the Drools compiler, no matter how
it is created.

Do you really want to create the compiled form of rules packages?


On 28 June 2010 09:05, Sudhir M <> wrote:

We have a requirement where we need to have our own rule builder and
we use drools as our runtime engine. We are using drools descr API to
create the drl's as we find it more convenient than using a template
engine. In the new release there is warning that ' usage of the descr
package is discouraged '. Is this package bound to change in the
future releases? or will this package be removed completely?

Please clarify us in this regard to maintain compatibility with future
drools releases.

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