I figured I must have missed some docs explaining changes required for the upgrade. If I suspected this was an inherent problem with the 5.0 release I'd have supplied lots of info. I am inferring from the response that there are no known issues with 5.0 upgrade so I'll do my own investigation for a while. Let's hope I find something unrelated to the Drools.

Edson Tirelli [5/28/2009 12:52 PM] wrote:


   As others already mentioned, your e-mail does not help much. We need to know what is "unacceptably slow". How much slower is that? 10%, 100%, 1000%? Also, we need a description of your use case: what kind of rules do you use, how many rules, how many facts, etc. Finally, we need a way to reproduce the problem.

   So, if you can provide more info, we might be able to help.


2009/5/28 Scott Reed <sreed@avacoda.com>
I just upgraded our app from Drools 4 to 5 libraries. We just use the rules engine with DRL. The performance of the engine on our rulebase is unacceptably slow.  I assume there is something we need to do to our rules or the way we are configuring the engine to fix this. I don't see anything in the release notes about backwards compatibility issues. I would very much appreciate it if someone would direct me to any documentation that explains what needs to be done so our 4.0 rules perform at least as well as they did before the upgrade?
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