We do support "->" in Drools 4.0 for backward compatibility, but we do advise you to not use anymore, since we will drop support to it sometime in the future. The alternative is simply to use an in-line eval:

BlaBlub( number : id, eval( BlaClass.staticFunction( number ) ) )

   Also, we now have auto-vivification of attributes, so you don't need to bind "id" anymore, if you will only use it inside the eval:

BlaBlub( eval( BlaClass.staticFunction( id ) ) )

   I don't know if it was a typo in your e-mail, but you are missing a ")" in the end of the line of your mapping:

[when]ist BlaBlub=BlaBlub(number : id -> ( BlaClass.staticFunction(number )) )

    Hope it helps.


2007/10/4, Markus Helbig <>:

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