krish1315 wrote:
Thanks mark! for your prompt reply....

We wanted to build a systems for medical domain... we have patient data with
us... like patient history....
We want to reason over this data and give advice and recommendation based on
this data...

prediction of disease to the doctor based on the symptom... and system
should be self sustain to take the decision....

I agree you will find this very abstract requirement... but at this point of
time we have this information only...

Mark, Only information i am looking into at this point of time is that  "can
we build such system using drools" ...
Please reply so that i can dig more into this.... :)
Yes, there has been a lot of research in this area. Start looking at the mycin project, which is well documented, from the 80s and progress from there. Peter Jackson's book "Expert Systems" book also covers the mycin and other similar medical systems. Let us know what you find. One aspect that seems essential for medical diagnosis is the ability to deal with uncertaintiy, we have a sub project for this but it's not finished yet.


Mark Proctor wrote:
Binyala, Krishna Gopal IN BLR SISL wrote:


I am new to drools community...

I want to develop an expert system for medical application using 
drools. can you please let me know how to use history data in 
drools... Because as far as i know we have to keep all the data in the 
working memory to access.

Data can also be retrieved via a hibernate session using the "from" 
keyword.  But still Drools can only see what is inserted our what is 
bound locally via the 'from' keyword so you'll have to figure our your 
own strategy for what data you need and when.


How should i implement such system?

You have not given us enough background information to answer this - so 
my answer is please make sure you go through each and every example in 
the drools documentation.
Would be better if you can provide some reference to existing expert 
system implemented using drools.

Again see the various examples.


Thanks in advance.

Krishna Gopal


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