There is a time zone offset != 0 in the toString-ed date.

2011/2/10 Saloojee, Karim <>

I am comparing SimpleAccount( dateAccountOpened == "5-Feb-2011")
where dateAccountOpened is "Sat Feb 05 00:00:00 GMT+02:00 2011" (if you
call toString()). The equal comparator fails (==) but the greater than
comparator passes (>) which I don't understand.

I feel I am missing something obvious here, but I have no idea what it

rule "Test date equality"
               $acc : SimpleAccount( dateAccountOpened == "5-Feb-2011")

               System.out.println("Expected and found an account opened
on 5-Feb-2011: " + $acc);

rule "Some dates are more equal than others"
               $acc : SimpleAccount( dateAccountOpened > "5-Feb-2011")

               System.out.println("Unexpected match: " +


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