Accumulate functions can now be imported as described in the documentation: (search for "import accumulate")

   AFAIK, there are no changes on how evaluators are used in Drools 6.0, but we do want to make them simpler to use, so we might also add an import-like statement as we did for accumulate functions in the future. 


On Wed, Mar 5, 2014 at 12:04 PM, mattmadhavan <> wrote:
Recently I read/cam across couple of posts regarding Custom operators and
Accumulators in Drools 6.x.

I seems that I can import them as functions and use them directly without
having to declare them in the configurationBuilder etc.

Can some on Elaborate on this one please?

Do I still extend the Evaluator class? Is there any syntax changes?

Thanks in advance!


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