Tina, the requirement is to avoid corner cases with sliding windows, for instance. Imagine you have a sliding window of 30 min, calculating averages... if events arrive out of order, they might generate odd results on the average calculation along the timeline and might remain in the window for less than 30 minutes.


2010/8/4 Tina Vießmann <tviessmann@stud.hs-bremen.de>

I'm restarting getting to know Drools (Fusion). Now I'm thinking about
the stream processing mode.

The documentation says the events must be time-ordered - they must be
insert into the stream in the order in which they are occur so. Am I
correct that it has to be that way, because the timestamps given to the
events when they are insert into the working memory shall represent the
correct order?
My events already have an attribute representing their timestamp. I've
told that the engine using the @timestamp(...) command.
In that case, is it important anyway that the events are insert

I'm thankful for any explanations and advises. Thank you :)

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