I have a problem with no-loop, I run the integration test for no-loop and it works fine because
it uses "update" and the fact dont use propertychangelisteners...

But if I run the same test but the rule doesnt have update(cheese) and Chesse has propertyChangeListeners to
notify when an attribute change/is-updated then no-loop doesnt work...

Is this a bug or do i have to look another way to write my rules?

I really likes the way beans can control property changes using listeners and dont have to force business ppl to write
update in rules :)


PD: I copied this email because used a reply for an old email (and I dont wanna be lost in time) :)

On 26-04-2006, at 8:30, Mark Proctor wrote:
no-loop is in the integration tests and works fine. think it has for a while. We will be releasing RC3 any day now, try it then and if its still a problem let us know.

Unknown wrote:
I try to use the rule attribute no-loop but it seems not to function...
I set it to true but each rule is evaluated two or several times.
Is it OK with the RC2??
Thank you

Felipe Piccolini M.