That templates are the equivalent to "fact templates" in clips rules engine. I think it is not what you are looking for.
   I think what you want is DSL. Take a look at the manual, but if you try it out, try it with trunk. It is not included in 3.1M1 release.


2007/4/9, jdepaul <>:

I'm looking to modularize and re-use as many rule components and functions as

I wanted to ask about a concept of a Template in Drools - is there a notion
of a Rule Template for LHS or RHS that I could user?  I'm thinking of a
RuleTemplate that a user customizes:  they'd specify the field property and
select a pre-defined Template - the Template would defined prescribed
behavior and operation for that property.  I.e. you specify the property
name and the template will include the code to do mapping and object saving
actions for you substituting field name where appropriate - anything like
that available, or is that something that a custom front-end application
would need to implement?

I was intrigued when I noticed that one of the Drools IDE views had a button
to Show/Hide Templates - not sure what that means in this case, but
hopefully it's just what I'm after... hehe.


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