For another perspective, I can offer up one of my playgrounds that I was using to work out a problem not long ago. It closely fits a model I've used for integration in the past and is using Fusion. I also use the Spring framework, as it just simplifies life at this level of integration. It's not perfect, but does have some abstractions and best practices I've formed over the last few years. It's in Groovy and uses Gradle, but I think you'll be able to bridge the gap if you've done much with Java.

- jary

On Fri, Jan 18, 2013 at 9:06 AM, Stephen Masters <> wrote:
I should warn you that it's a work in progress and the current version has very little Drools related code in it. Most of the Drools code is actually in the tests, where I have been prototyping things. The current piece of code in there is a validator which might as well be a stateless session, but I'm also putting some code for a streaming trade aggregator into it. I have it in another side project at the moment, so it should hopefully be quick to add it this weekend. It's not using the time window queries of Fusion, but it is using a single session in stream mode, so that events can be inserted as they occur.

However, hopefully for now it provides a reasonable example of a web project structure and build, with Drools components. Keep an eye on the project over the next few days for some more meat on the bones! :)


On 18 Jan 2013, at 14:14, Thomas Söhngen <> wrote:

Hi Steven,

thank you very much for the code example, I'll take a deeper look at it. Are you using Fusion too?

For our Drools project we need minimal logic for the application itself. We just need a database of rules and need to send streams of events to Fusion. When rules are matched, a message should be send to a pub/sub channel. This is all the logic we need for our application.

We are currently not using any "classic" Java framework (like Spring etc.), but we are using a specialized framework for distributed realtime computation (Storm). I have no experience with the classic application frameworks and thats my biggest problem atm, because it's hard for me to find a good way to start with Drools without any EE application background. Your example seems to be a good starting point for this, so thank you again :)

Best regards,

Am 1/18/2013 11:44 AM, schrieb Stephen Masters:
Hi Thomas,

I don't know what frameworks you were thinking of using, but this might be a reasonable basic example of a Java web application with Drools components:

It's something I have been knocking up as a minimal example project. As such, it's a work in progress, and the Drools functionality is *very* minimal. I'm just at the stage where I'm looking to make that part of the projects a little bit richer.

It's built on Maven and the Spring Framework. As such you should be able to cd into the root of the project and run "mvm jetty:run" to run it up in a web container.

My tip for getting your project up and running initially would be to ignore JBoss AS for now, and run your project up on Tomcat. It should reduce the complexity of your deployment, so you can concentrate on your application instead. At a later stage, you may find it worth moving to JBoss AS as your application server, in which case your app would be running up inside Tomcat anyway, so if your app works under Tomcat, there should be little or no change to migrate to JBoss AS.

For your local dev purposes, this has the added benefit that maven can spawn a Tomcat container on the fly, so you don;t need to worry too much about server config.


On 17 Jan 2013, at 10:59, Thomas Söhngen <> wrote:

 I am currently evaluating Drools for our needs, from the features it seems to be a perfect fit. I am a Java developer, but unfortunately I have no background in enterprise application servers and I am currently stuck trying to setup a testing environment. A short summary of our current setup and how we want to use Drools:
  • We are using Storm to accumulate a large number of messages from around the web
  • From these we create streams of message metadata (like sentiment) for different topics (like stocks)
  • We have additional streams like stock-tickers
  • We have a knowledge-base of additional facts about companies (like market cap.) in MySQL
  • We want users to be able to define alerts triggered by rules based on these streams and facts
Storm is perfect for the data pre-processing and aggregation, Drools would fit in to allow outsiders to define rules and evaluate them on the streams in realtime. My idea is, to run Drools Fusion as a stand-alone application on a dedicated server or cluster of servers. Drools Guvnor would be used as an interface for the rules. The rules would trigger new events, which would be sent to a subscription channel (like Redis Pub/Sub).

As mentioned above, I have no experience in setting up and running Java application servers. The Drools documentation seems to be very elaborate, but assume that you know how to start such a service from scratch, which I don't. I know Java, but not at an enterprise level, so all the Beans, wars, etc. are new to me. I setup a JBoss AS, which was a pretty easy thing to do, but I am clueless about how to really "run" Drools on it and what to do next.

So what would be the next steps to get a server, where I can send messages to? Are there any tutorials or guidelines which describe how to built such a thing from the very beginning? Any help or suggestion would be very appreciated!

Regards & thanks in advance,
Thomas Söhngen
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