Hi Mario, thank for your response and I can totally understand.

My next question is, please: is it possible to submit a JIRA on jboss.org and keep it confidential ?
Or at least keep confidential the reproducer?

The problem I'm facing, assuming I eventually develop the reproducer, that I seriously doubt my friends would agree in sharing this rulebase on a public domain - on other occasions it was okay to share the rulebase, while on other occasions the rulebase was limited so I "translated" the rulebase to another domain.

My ultimate goal here would be to reach a compromise where I can deliver you guys of the drools team a precise reproducer, while at the same time keep my friends happy that the rulebase is not actually shared on public domain and kept confidential only for the scope of reproducing the bug.

So my friends questions will likely be:
1. is there a process to raise a jira on jboss.org with confidential content ?
2. which terms and conditions, or NDA, do apply in that case?

I've done research on drools documentation, and on jboss and RH website, but couldn't find an answer applying for this case. In other words, I wonder if RH sub. model is the only means to share confidential content, or it is possible also for the opensource version, in order to achieve the compromise I pictured above.

ps: sorry for the rather lengthy email but I wanted to provide a picture of the context :)

On Tue, Aug 5, 2014 at 7:40 PM, Mario Fusco <mario.fusco@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Matteo,

it's honestly virtually impossible to figure out what's causing that NPE
just looking at that stack trace. Do you think you could be able to develop
a reproducer or at least provide us a bit more information?


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