Hi Guys.
I am "playing" with the drools-insurance example and I have to admit that something
is out of my understanding.
I try to do a little digest...
1) I imported the "Insurance example" into eclipse 3.3
2) I converted it into a drools Project
3) I converted it into a MAVEN build project (The little red M came out...)
4) I ran the "pom.xml" as a Maven application.
What I get is a .war in the target dir with the java classes, the rules and other Stuff (web stuff I guess).
What I really do not Understand is : "Why the hell u included the rules into the workspace?"
I mean... by the time the RuleAgent will pick the rules up from the BRMS, we really do not need
any reference to the Workspace rules! Furthermore I did a 'search' within the eclipse workspace looking
for some references to the rules and I did not find any!
So.... Why did u put the rules as well??
As far as concerned the .war file, if u bind the .war classes to the Rule Agent,
Why the hell u put the Rules in the .wat file as Well??
Am I Wrong? What Am I missing?
I spent a couple of days to find a reason but I did not find any so far...
Please, Somebody anwers me... I went crazy with this...
Sorry to be "upset" but I am just upset with myself 'cause likely I spent
a lot of time on something that is obvious to the most of you.
Hopefully u can help me.