Hi Gaminda,

   What you can't do in J2EE containers is to access the filesystem directly. Doing a getResourceAsStream() as you are doing is allowed, specially because your drl file may be inside the application jar/war/ear. If you are having a NPE, the problem is that the container is not finding your file in your classpath, so what you need to do is to fix the classpath. The strategy, though, is a valid one and works.


2007/4/6, Gaminda Jayakody <my_vista2007@yahoo.com>:
I wnat to implement drools at the Session Bean layer of a J2EE application. But reading .drl file as follows cause exceptin in the server. because of I/O operation
final Reader source = new InputStreamReader( BaseRuleImpl.class.getResourceAsStream(rulefile.drl));
could you kindly give me a solutin to this.
Thank You

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