Greg is right if you want to keep it just using expert features.
   Now if you model your Singleton as an event, you could use the timestamp instead of create a specific attribute for that:

               oldSingleton : Singleton( $id : id )
               newSingleton : Singleton( id == $id, this after oldSingleton )
   Or, if you have just a few rules that use your Singleton and you activate the STREAM mode, you could simply use a sliding window:

rule "my rule that uses the singleton"
    $singleton : Singleton( ... ) over window:length(1)
    // more patterns...
    // do something


2009/8/18 Greg Barton <>
You need some comparable property in the singleton object that's monotonically increasing.  Then you can have a rule like the following that must be of higher salience than the rules you want to protect from duplicate singletons.  i.e.:

rule "EnforceOneSingleton"
               oldSingleton : Singleton( $id : id, $version : version )
               newSingleton : Singleton( id == $id, version > $version)
               System.out.println( "Retracting old Singleton " + oldSingleton.getId() + " version " + oldSingleton.getVersion());
               retract( oldSingleton );

--- On Mon, 8/17/09, Justin King <> wrote:

> From: Justin King <>
> Subject: [rules-users] Unique events / facts in working memory
> To: "Rules Users List" <>
> Date: Monday, August 17, 2009, 6:20 PM
> I'm building an application that will
> over time record changes in a certain component (not at any
> set interval, could occur any time). The component can
> possibly be uniquely identified via some kind of id. Is
> there a way that when I insert an event / fact recording a
> change of state in this component I can remove the previous
> one, so as there is only ever one fact / event recording the
> current state of the component. If the previous one existed
> it may cause rules to fire which should not.
> Cheers,
> Justin
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