Globals should not be used for storing information that needs to be updated.  From the documentation:
Globals are named objects that can be passed in to the rule engine; without needing to insert them. Most often these are used for static information, or services that are used in the RHS of a rule, or perhaps a means to return objects from the rule engine. If you use a global on the LHS of a rule, make sure it is immutable.
So changes to a global are not taking into account in the LHS of rules.
You should insert your TestValid object in your workingMemory and use conditions as
    TestValid ( hasErrors == true )
Once we have variable support, you will be able to do exactly what you are trying to do here by defining a testValid variable.
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When using globals in rule flow’s Split I ran into problem that changes to the global cannot be recognized by the split and it continues to route the same destination.


F.e. I have a Split with constrains. And a global TestValid object that has one boolean attribute - hasErrors


global testValid


Split :

-          eval(!testValid.isHasErrors())      // to No Errors action

-          eval(testValid.isHasErrors())       // to END



So it ends up with always looping to the No Errors Action, even though Make Errors sets global :  testValid.setHasErrors(true)


In my previous example the problem was that I was not using Shadow Proxy. But now I am and would like to use global in the split condition,


Please advice if it is an expected behavior and I shouldn’t be using global in split conditions…






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