Can you provide screen shots of both DT's, including their data?

It's quite difficult to understand their content from the pasted text.

On 28 April 2014 15:35, swaroop <> wrote:

Iam using Drools 5.6 , developing rules on guvnor. I have a scenario where i
have two decision tables , One is supposed to execute after the other.

I want to ensure that DT Two should be executed only after all the
executions in DT one happen . Because IN DT Two the list is being checked if
set of values are not present, currently when i have two Customer objects in
Working memory each having matching rows in Decision Table One .Once the
match is found for a customer object then as per the action a Product fact
is inserted which leads to fire the DT Two and the list is evaluated if set
of d are not present , the rule is fired in DT Two as the list is not
populated for the other customer object and matching rows which is being
checked in DT Two eval list column. Which is not desired . I tried with
salience , ruleflow group with not much of a help

Is there a way to can handle this


*Decision Table One*

Condition            Condition             Condition                     Action
a==$param          b in ($param)                 c == $param    "list(Global

*Decision Table Two*

Condition            Condition                           Condition
a==$param          eval(list doesnt not contain ($param))                c == $param


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