Are you using OR between patterns or between field constraints? Can you please show an example with the syntax you are using?


2007/5/17, kingston <>:

i have written many rules in DRL . These rules look like


<condition1> ||
<condition2> &&
<condition3> ||

<some action>


I am trying to rewrite these rules in DSL format .
I tried something like this :

I added the english text before the statement for condition1 and used
variables for passing input values. and in the rule file ( .drl file ) i had
the english text along with the input value in the place for the variable.

Finally i could make the dsl syntax work onlly when i had all the conditions
on a single line using "eval".  This looks pretty long. The syntax provided
in Drools documentaion  " [when]- " works fine for "AND" conditions

How do i break my conditions in the dsl format on each new line with all my
logical conditions "AND" , "OR" intact ? Do we have any other options for
breaking into new line ? Is there any work around for that ? How do I handle
"OR" conditions?


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