You can configure a Knowledge Agent in Drools-Server using spring. You have to declare it in knowledge-services.xml config file. You need to do something like:

<drools:kagent id="kagent1" kbase="kbase1" new-instance="false">
   <drools:resource  type="DRL" source="file:/some/path/to/apache-tomcat-7.0.6/webapps/drools-server/WEB-INF/classes/test.drl"/>
            <drools:resource  type="PKG" source="http://somehost:8080/droolg-guvnor/.../LATEST"/>

For configure the scan interval, you can use:

<drools:resource-change-scanner id="s1" interval="5" />

There are, though, some caveats:
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2011/4/15 Manuel Ortiz <manuel.ortizramos@gmail.com>
Hello everybody:

I am taking a look at Drools Integration documentation to understand how Drools server works and how can be used, and have a doubt concerning, let's say... 'KnowledgeAgent capabilities'. Does Drools server support on the fly rule updating as when using KnowledgeAgent to create KnowledgeBase objects? If it does, where can be configured 'KnowledgeAgent related' properties such as newInstance or resource scanner interval?

Thank you in advance for your time.

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Manuel Ortiz.

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