I have my Drools project, and I want to use a Drools JAR in Oracle PL/SQL. The problem is, that importing JAR to Oracle means for me (as far as I know) splitting JAR (in Oracle Database) to classes. After importing I have few thousands of classes in my Oracle Database. I want to avoid this, so I decided to use Soap Web Service as facade for my Drools and connection between Drools and PL/SQL.

Now I have two questions:

1.) Can I import Drools JAR's to Oracle without splitting it to thousands of classes?
2.) If no - I want to use this JAR as external source. I think, that Web Service is good interface. Am I right? ;) I used to use JAX-WS to create Web Services, but maybe Drools has own method of creating Web Service (Drools is sooooo powerful ;) )