Michael is correct. You need to add each resource to the knowledgebase ensuring that functions needed by rules are added before the rules themselves.

2009/7/2 Anstis, Michael (M.) <manstis1@ford.com>
I believe you will need to add each DRL file into a single RuleBase (Drools 4.x terminology; I think KnowledgeBase in 5.0 but I'm a little rusty).
Don't forget rules aren't evaluated when "fireAllRules" is called but as objects are inserted into WorkingMemory, so all rules need to be compiled into a RuleBase before object insertion.

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Subject: [rules-users] How to call a another drl file from one drl file

   I have requirement to execute a chain of rules. One rule after another and they are reusable.I need to know how to call another drl file from a drl file. or in a then part of the
   a rule.

Amila Silva

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