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2007/8/22, Arjun Dhar <>:
Test case:

Write a Rule that uses a From clause and on another object does not use a from
#From row number: 28
rule "Rules_28"

                cntct: Contact(initialized==true)
                config: BooleanConfiguration(value==true) from
meta.getConfiguration(cntct.getClient(), "Param1")
                pref: Relation(contact==cntct, type=="old") or (eval
(false==true)  and not Relation(contact==cntct, origin=="old"))
                             System.out.println("Fired 28");

If All 3 are true:
1. Delete Condition 2 --> Rule fires
2. Delete COnditon 3 (But keep 2) --> Rule fires
3. Keep 2 & 3 (with 1) --> Rule does not fire

Whats strage is that conditon 1 does not use from and it works with condition 2
without any problem, but when 2 & 3 are there together the rule does not work.

Please see if it is a bug
Am posting on JIRA

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