Hi, I used no-loop true but it still loops!!



you must use "no-loop true" and the rule will be executed one for one InputObject.

2008/8/1 thomas kukofka <thomaskukofka at web.de>:

> Hello,

> I have and less loop (the rule should only executed one for one InputObject)

> in the follwing rule although I use "no-loop":

> rule "rulename"

>   dialect "java"

>   no-loop

>     when

>         io: InputObject (type == InputObject.Type.Typename)

>     then

>         io.setStringPropertyValue(InputObject.PROPERTYVALUE, "somestring");

>         update(oo);

> end

> I've read that I have to overwrite hashcode and equals, can this be the

> reason? If yes, do you have an example how to overwrite these methods?

> Thomas