Adam, just use the metadata brackets leaving them blank. This should work:

[when][][Ff]act value is "{value}"= SomeFact( value == "{value}")

   The first 2 pairs of [] have special semantics for the engine. After them, you can place your regexps.


2007/10/23, Adam Lewandowski <>:
I just upgraded to 4.0.3 and want to take advantage of regex support for
my DSL. Specifically, I want to be able to use a character class at the
start of my expander expression to allow the first character to be case
insensitive. For example (in the expander definition):

[when][Ff]act value is "{value}"= SomeFact( value == "{value}")

So that the rule could be written as "Fact value is..." or "fact value
is....". But I think this conflicts with a syntax that the parser uses
to add constraints to the previous declaration (according to the
reference docs, section 6.7.4). If I try to use the same character class
construct anywhere other than the first character it works fine.
Is there some escape sequence I can use to get what I'm looking for?
Simply escaping the [ and ] with \ didn't work.

Adam Lewandowski
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