Hi, I wonder if anyone could help me?

I'm attempting to use the 'from' keyword in  the same fashion as the sample found on the Release Notes/Language Improvement wiki.  The example shows a piece of syntax that uses the 'from' keyword to obtain data via a Hibernate query. i.e:
  $r : Restaurant( $postCode ) from hbSession.getNamedQuery( "some query" ).setProperties( [ key1 : value2, key2 : value ] ).list()

I'm having difficulty executing syntax using this keyword because Hibernate uses CGlib which relies on ASM 1.5.3 - the 'from' keyword seems to rely on MVEL which uses ASM 3.0.
ASM 3.0 is not backwards compatible with ASM 1.5.3 and I get 'no such method' errors.
So how does one get the 'from' keyword to work in an environment running Hibernate?