In order to disable rule,  you can mark it as 'enabled false'. This is rule specific setting so the rules marked with enabled false will not get executed. 


On Dec 20, 2016 6:42 PM, "RANJAN Nalini" <nalini.ranjan@socgen.com> wrote:

Hi Team,


Hope you are doing good..


We are new in drool workbench and we are planning to use drools workbench for our upcoming project..


This development we are going to do across different region..


Currently we have common drools workbench which hosted in one PC…Major issue which we are facing is that whenever we do modification from one region and its break to other region development..


Is there any way to do our development without impacting to other region code ?.


Do we have any mechanism to disable rule which has been written by one developer and it can be enable only when flag will be true(like toggle features) ?




Nalini Ranjan



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