Basically you need to add the drools-ant on your classpath

define your compile task

	<taskdef name="rulebase" classname="org.drools.contrib.DroolsCompilerAntTask" classpathref="drools.classpath" />

And use the rulebase task as the following example

<target name="rules" >
classpathref="cheese.classpath" >
<include name="*.drl" />
<include name="*.brl" />
<include name="*.xml" />
<include name="*.dslr" />

you can see my test XML file here

On Fri, Mar 7, 2008 at 5:59 PM, Eric Miles <> wrote:
I see numerous references to the Ant task in the documentation but see
no documentation on how to use it.  Where can I find some?  Google
turned up nothing...
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