Also, we'll be having a wide range of talks, from Larry Terrill's introduction to the rete algorithm to Dr Forgy's talk on parallel rulebases, and everything in between.  My talk will be low/mid level on the design of the CEP/Rulesbased project I'm working on at Southwest Airlines, and there are three other talks that focus on CEP. (including Edson's)  And while there are few talks specifically focused on individual projects, we've encouraged the presenters to make their talks as concrete as possible, with examples that can provide context, even if they're generally about theory.  

And don't worry about being intimidated.  Judging from the code you've posted to the list so far and the description of your project I doubt you'll have any problem understanding most of the conference material. And no one will judge you for asking questions and wanting to learn.  That's the whole point. :)

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Subject: Re: [rules-users] DBC => ORF 2009

   Chris, :)

   Glad to have this feedback you are giving us. So, first a disclaimer: I am in no way related to the conference organization, other than being accepted as a speaker. My recommendations are purely result of attending to it last year and having one of the best technical experiences in my professional life.

   Now, think about it this way: you said you are starting on rule based systems and I am sure you have questions. Would you prefer to ask these questions to some random vendor guy that will tell you that a hammer can be used as a screw-driver? Or would you like to have your questions answered by people that have years of experience doing the same kind of work you are looking for insight into?

    I went to lots and lots of conferences and training sessions over the years and none of them get you face to face with the people that actually *do* the stuff, but ORF. There are other good conferences, don't get me wrong, but this one allows you to deep dive in the rules based technology like no other.

    Check the agenda and the speaker bios. Show that to your company and I am sure you have enough ammunition to convince them. :)

    Hope to meet you there,

2009/9/30 Chris Richmond <>

Ed and James,


I would love to attend ORF to learn more about the science of rules engines in general as well.  I’m not sure if I can get the company to cover the cost as well as the entire week of training days off.  I also unfortunately, have a pretty large customer meeting the actual week of ORF.  Now, they have said they are open to sending me to the Drools boot camp and that I don’t have to necessarily be there to meet the customers that week, so I might make a pitch.


One thing about the ORF though.  It seems a bit intimidating.  By that I mean I will be surrounded by domain experts whereas I know little to nothing about rules based systems/design.  I am trying to feel out Drools within a prototype application and we do plan on using it more, but I literally haven’t had the time to do some of the more theoretical background reading about algorithms(Rete and others) and other topics like this.  I’m afraid I would be completely lost and unable to really contribute anything to discussions at the ORF.


I also want to be able do defend the ORF as beneificial to someone like me if I am to sell it to my superiors and really believe it.


What are your thoughts guys?




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James here.  From a purely selfish point of view, the Drools Boot Camp in Dallas followed by the October Rules Fest would be a GREAT opportunity for you not only to learn from the best Drools personnel, but also to learn from the absolute best in the business for rulebased systems.  This is, to my knowledge, this is the  ONLY conference dedicated to the practicing rulebase technical person.  I really believe that you can learn more at DBC/ORF in a week than you could at 10 of the vendor schools.


Where else would you get a chance to listen to Dr. Charles Forgy, Gary Riley, Tom Cooper, Dr. Richard Hicks, Paul Vincent, Carlos Seranno-Morales, Dr. Daniel Levine, John Zachman and many, many others in one week?  A seminar with ANY of these would cost more than the $500 that you would pay for ORf.  Most techies go through life and NEVER get to meet even one of these guys.  Not only that, you will get to hear them discuss among themselves and with the attendees all of the problems that are cropping up all over the world and possible solutions.  Where else would you get to ask Dr. Forgy questions, one-on-one, about the NEW algorithm called TECH that is at least 10 times faster than his Rete 2 / III?  Or to get into details with him about parallel rulebased systems?


And, you never know - this could be the last ORF.  There might not be another one like this.  Perhaps this sounds self-serving, but I can't stress enough the importance of attending NOW and not putting this off until another time.  There might never be another time like this with this particular cast of speakers.



James Owen

Founder October Rules Fest

Senior Consultant / Architect KBSC

Twitter: OctRulesFest

Blogs: [Rulebased Systems Blog] [October Rules Fest Blog] [Expert Systems Consulting Group Blog]


"If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."

Sir Isaac Newton in a letter to Robert Hooke, 5 Feb 1676


Come to October Rules Fest and stand on the shoulders of the Giants of the industry; if only for a week.



On Sep 30, 2009, at 1:13 PM, Chris Richmond wrote:


Thanks a lot.  I am thinking about comding to Drools boot camp in Dallas? In late October.  If not that one than the next one.  Will you be there?  I feel it would be beneficial to have some time to get over the hump with using Drools and Fusion to it’s full potential.  That way I can give you guys my use cases and discuss a proper Drools strategy.





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   That is indeed missing in the public API. I am adding it as we speak, thanks for bringing that up:

   Meanwhile, until we release the new version, the workaround is to downcast the interface:

                              for(WorkingMemoryEntryPoint entry : session.getWorkingMemoryEntryPoints()){

                                    System.err.println("entry point stream: " + 




2009/9/29 Chris Richmond <>



I am trying to determine, iterate the working memory streams within my rule by doing the following:


                              for(WorkingMemoryEntryPoint entry : session.getWorkingMemoryEntryPoints()){

                                    System.err.println("entry point stream: " + entry.toString());



But I can find no method/way to finid the actual text name of the entry point(what is written in the rule as from entry-point “xxxx”).




Is there a way to do this?  To list the readable names of the entry points from your session?  I would like to list those entry points in a drop down as application profiles, so if they have one selected, one entry point of rules will be inserted to and so on..





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