The option of binding and setting variables is already available in 4.0.1 GA release of the BRMS. I've just replied to a similar post. Suppose you've already defined some "when" constraint on an object of type Person and you want to set the attribute name in the Then part:
When you define your When in the BRMS, there is an option to assign a variable to the expression. In the When part, there should be a little green triangle beside Person. Click on this to get a dialog called "Modify constraints for Person". At the bottom of this dialog is an option to set a variable name to bind to Person. Type p, or whatever you want into the text box and then click the Set button beside the text box. You should now have a When constraint of the form p:Person(...). Now create a Then action by clicking the + at the RHS of the Then part. A dialog will appear called "Add a new action". The first two options allows you to pick the variable p you just created - choose the second option if you want to update p into the Working memory after modifying it. You should now see something like Set [p] in the Then part. Click on the Green triangle above Set [p] and you will get a dialog called "Add a field" with a list of the fields in the Person class. Choose the one you want to set ( e.g. name). What this does is actually call the method called setName (Press View Source button to see). The Set action should now have a text box where you can enter the name parameter

On 10/3/07, Drouin.Mathieu <> wrote:
Ok, I've read the rules, seems like I was infringing on #11. I might be
violating #3 by sending this one though :)

Is the guided editor with variable binding (shown above) going to be
available in v.4.0.2? If not, is it possible to achieve a similar result
without the help of DSL?



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