Is it possible that this might be invoking the compiler when a session is created? I have all of the init code in the service start call and stored as members of the service for reuse but I must create a new knowledge session for each run.

Any ideas?


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Date: 9 August 2010 11:17
Subject: Re: [rules-users] CPU Spike creating a StatefulKnowledgeSession using OSGi
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The line that it spikes on is StatefulKnowledgeSession ksession = kbase.newStatefulKnowledgeSession();.


On 9 August 2010 11:09, Pavel Tavoda <> wrote:
Is it session creation or rule compilation?


2010/8/9 David Conde <>:
> Good Morning,
> I now have drools running on the Spring DM-Server but I am seeing a CPU
> spike when creating a StatefulKnowledgeSession. I've tested this outside of
> an OSGi environment and I don't see the spike. Does anyone know any settings
> that I can change that might make this go away?
> Thanks,
> Dave
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