Hi everybody,
I followed all the topics about globals and the fact that they are immutables.
I also understood that once we decide to reason over globals, it's
time we no more use them and we start to use simple WM facts.
I tell you my scenario.
I have got two globals.
A "request" global and a "reply" global. The first one is a "Request" java instance
and the second one is a "Reply" java instance. They belong to the Object model
I designed.
My application makes a request to the rule engine passing it a "request" as global,
and get back a reply from it receiving a modified "reply"  global.
I use a ruleflow to execute the rules.
I think everything would be perfect and smooth if I had not the need to reason
over the reply during the rule session....
That's the point!
I do not just need to modify the "reply" global in order to get the final value outside
the rule engine, but I DO need to reason over it INSIDE the rule session.
So.... what should I do in order to reason over the reply INSIDE AND OUTSIDE
the Rule Session?
Should I insert the "reply" global into the WM?
Let assume I do that, what happen if I pass the "reply" global to
a drools function which alters the "reply"?
Imagine a rule as follows and imagine I previously inserted the "reply" global into the WM:
global my.object.model.Reply reply
rule "addcriminal_2_reply"
    $p: Person(job=="criminal")
     addCriminaltoReply(reply, $p );
Will this alteration affect the corresponding Reply() fact in the WM as well?
Now let see this other rule:
(Same, let imagine i previously inserted: insert(reply); )
global my.object.model.Reply reply
rule "FullFill_replyCode"
     $r: Reply(code=="john.wayne") from reply
     $r.code.name = john;
     $r.code.lastname = wayne;
If I execute this rule in a ruleflow, do i need to "update($r)"
in order to get the modified $r value in the next ruleflow node?
And what happens to the global??? Will it get modified as well?
I am sure you can help me.
Bye bye.