On Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 21:28, Denis Forveille <denis.forveille@gmail.com> wrote:

Two other missing jars in CR3
- commons-beanutils.jar
- commons-digester

These are needed for PrettyFaces (which is used by the booking example).

Also there is a problem with the slf4j jar files:
- slf4j-api.jar is at version 1.6.1
- slf4j-log4j12.jar is at version 1.5.10
It was OK in CR2 (Both were at version 1.5.10)

QA is very likely going to be checking library versions, so they should pick up on this as we stage final.
It seems also that I have problem with OpenJPA included in WAS v8.
Is Seam 3 compatible with OpenJPA? (Seam 2 was not) or do I have to use Hibernate?
If Seam 3 is "OpenJPA friendly", do I still have to include seam-transaction in my WAR?

Seam 3 is most certainly OpenJPA friendly. New age, new perspective. It's about being portable first, then extending second (not the other way around). Here's proof:


As we continue to work on Seam 3, Arquillian tests will play a vital role in ensuring portability.


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