Is there some kind of maven archetype that could be used for creating the module structure(s)?

On Tue, Dec 21, 2010 at 7:31 PM, Dan Allen <> wrote:
Module leads,

As you know, we've established API artifacts for each of the Seam modules. Having an API is obviously very important, but for the purposes of getting started quickly, its good to also have the option of the combined API+impl JAR (catering to "it's just one JAR file")

Thus, each module should include a "combined" submodule that shades the API and implementation(s) into a single artifact. The name of the shaded artifact is seam-{module}. It should not include any dependencies, only the API and impl. Additionally, it should not be declared as a dependency when linking to another module because it's not the official artifact.

You can use the combined build in either solder [1] or persistence [2] as a reference. If anyone has any suggestions about how to make it better, please chime in. As always, this is a proposal.


p.s.  I will mention, though, that the reason I could not put this plugin configuration in the implementation submodule is due to a limitation w/ the shade plugin. You cannot shorten the artifactId, only append to it, meaning you can't set it to seam-persistence in the seam-persistence-impl submodule.


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