If you are going to target Tomcat 7, I strongly recommend that you consider using TomEE. TomEE *is* Tomcat, except that it has the Java EE bits filled in that you would need to deploy Seam 2 and use it to its full capabilities. TomEE fills in the gap that has often had to be dealt with manually by Seam 2 developers deploying to Tomcat. If you need more information about TomEE, don't hesitate to reach out to that team. They are super helpful. 


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Basically I can't see any issue, but we haven't focused on that, you can
try it and report back to us ;-).
We have got which you can
find too I guess, but nothing else so far.

On 30.9.2012 09:57, Grigoriy Tkachuk wrote:
> Hi, guys!
> Is it possible to get work Tomcat 7.0 with Seam 2.3 + JSF2?
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