What's broken? It runs fine for me using ruby 1.9.2. I'm not aware of anything I've done that breaks when done with 1.8.7. Please send me the error. 

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Well haml looks fine but I wonder if there is some easy way to render it swiftly without using preview in some rails editor.

You just need to do these 2 steps (requires that you have ruby and gems installed).

gem install awestruct
awestruct --auto --server (from project directory)

NOTE: The project modules macro is currently broken, so I had to disable it in _ext/pipeline.rb. Jason, could you update that?

The site will be available at


It will update as you make changes to the haml files.

Note that you may have to add /var/lib/gems/1.8/bin to your PATH to get the awestruct command.


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