Let me introduce a new member of the QA team - Ron Šmeral ('ron 'ʃmɛral; ron shmeh-rull). He came as the backfill for Jozef and as such will be working on QA for Seam and related JBoss products. Please join me welcoming him and be ready to help him finding bugs in your code.

More words from himself:

Up to this day, my experience with Java development has been purely
non-commercial, with the most relevant contribution being my bachelor's
thesis in the field of natural language processing. I try to remain
optimistic about my lack of experience with development (and, a
fortiori, testing), regarding it as an opportunity to gain new skills
quickly, coming untainted with bad habits and preconceptions.
In my never-ending search of perfection, I hope to be a good addition to
the team whose primary focus is quality.
I love jazz music, good books and absurd humour.


Thanks and good luck in JBoss