Done -  we now have a Seam Servlet project module in SVN to match the module on

Nicklas and I are the current project leads, so get in touch with us for any pressing issues. Thanks.

PS - Nicklas, see other responses in-line below.

On Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 4:21 AM, Nicklas Karlsson <> wrote:

   Could you set up the Servlet module at some point when you have the time? I assume we're targetting servlet-api 3.0, right? 

That dep could be useful on the faces-module also.

Thinking about it :)

PS. The snapshot repos can be removed from the faces module pom now that we're using a released  version of jsf-mock, or?

Not all of them yet - still have dependency on the Seam 3 Parent, which is in SNAPSHOT. Might be able to get rid of the JBoss repo tho.


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