I know I've said in the past we need to get on a date for this :) Here I am doing that now. I would like to propose April 30th for 3.1.1. This would be a minor release addressing bugs, documentation and examples.

I know I blogged [1] about some additional examples so I think we have those covered. We may not distribute them, but simple have them in a README or something like that. Of course I'm open to other ideas here.

For bugs and documentation I'm looking for some help from all of you to categorize issues and documentation spots we really need to focus on correcting and improving. Does everyone feel like Friday would be enough time for people get that list in, or should we extend it to next Wednesday? I don't want to go too long and not have enough time to get things done.

[1] https://community.jboss.org/blogs/lightguardjp/2012/02/24/seam-3-examples
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