Maybe we can still do some minor per module 3.1.x releases until DS is ready to accept non-core modules such as mail. Is that reasonable?

Also, I'm still not clear as to the plan for modules such as mail. Last I heard DS was only only going to include core EE the modules (jsf,jpa,cdi enhancement) until it hit a certain point of maturity. Is that still the case?


On Tuesday, June 26, 2012, Shane Bryzak wrote:
We're not planning on continuing with any further releases for Seam 3.x, there's an incredible amount of resources required to test and prepare for a release.  Instead, we should be focusing all of our efforts on DeltaSpike for any new features and ongoing development.

On 22/06/12 09:55, Cody Lerum wrote:
I've recently had some improvements and bug fixes commited to the Seam
mail module and I would like to get them out in the open in
non-SNAPSHOT form.

Is a 3.1.1 release still being planned, or would it be possible to do
individual module releases as needed?

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