Hi all!

I've been working on Seam 3 tutorials and examples. I decided to do a 'multitask' approach. There are lots of people trying to learn Seam 3, since totally JEE newbies until JEE experts. So I decided to work on 3 levels of tutorials/examples at the same time... 
1. Some stuf for absolute beginners - check it here (Where I talk about Seam Forge, creating a Seam 3 project, I intend to write about CDI, ...)
2. Intermediate - Starting with the call 4 papers app (which I called Call4All - github project here - I will be commiting code this weekend), I am writing about Seam 3 features, how to use them into this project, ... - check the post here. I might work into other examples soon. I do accept some help on that - commits are always welcome :)
3. Some enhanced app - A Seam 3 proposal for the Smart Tasks app from @salaboy. It's a little bit more complex app, involving some other technologies like jbpm, infinispan, hornetq and other concepts about event processing. You can read more about it here. My fork here.

So, what do you think?

Sorry if I'm too slow to do this work :/

I'm trying to write posts (usually telling stupid stories), because my blog experience tells that users prefer information that involves them into reading... Most of technical failures after following instructions of a tutorial is not because the tutorial is wrong or missing something, but because user skipped some steps or could not understand what he actually should do... Thats why I think it's important to have a newbie session with really detailed (with pictures!) session!
Finally i will try to connect the content of the posts - The characters, the stories and the example projects, as I did with confbuzz and the Call4All app. 

The posts are not finished yet, I will release and improve them everyday. :) I also wrote a post explaining that.
I'd be glad if you could send me some feedback if it's good or not. Hope to do the kind of job you expected! :)
So, if you take a look and say it's ok, I'll start tweeting about it!


Hanneli Carolina Andreazzi Tavante
Unifei - Universidade Federal de Itajubá
10º Período - Engenharia da Computação