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I tried that, it did not work in weld, and according to the spec it is not required to work.

We need the scope to be a Normal scope as we are after a client proxy, however according to the spec normal scopes need to follow the rules that I included below.

Ah, got it now.

I talked to Pete about this and I am going to resurrect the @ManagedProducer stuff I did in WELDX a while ago, but with javassist rather than JDK proxies. These work by injecting a dependent scoped proxy into the bean, and the proxy calls the @ManagedProducer method every time to get the instance to invoke the method on. This also has the advantage that you can inject the InjectionPoint into the @ManagedProducer method.


I am not totally sold on the name @ManagedProducer, but as previously discussed making up names is not really my strong point :-)

To be honest, names are just tough in general. I've got a couple of suggestions:


I committed an initial implementation last night, it still needs a bit more work but it should be functional.

As always, great job!


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