As you know, we've move the Seam source code to a distributed version control system (DVCS) named Git. The upstream branches are hosted a under the Seam organization [1], though copies can be made anywhere, including your own account as a fork.

One of our community members, and now lead of the Seam Faces module, Brian Leathem [2], has drafted a new wiki page explaining step-by-step how to contribute to Seam.

"It's social coding". So it's fitting that work on the page became a collaborative effort between Brian, Jason Porter, Lincoln Baxter and myself. We are happy with it, but also recognize it's an ongoing process. Feel free to provide additional feedback as we go forward.

The goal of the page is to keep it simple and easy to read and to empower community members to participate, so keep that in mind if you provide feedback.

Thanks for leading this Brian!



Dan Allen
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