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From: Marek Schmidt <>
Date: Tue, Sep 20, 2011 at 16:33
Subject: [solder] Testsuite update 2 (#49)
To: Dan Allen <>

Yet another testsuite structure update, now even more simpler.

This request includes Ken's changes (rebased) which brings non-arquillian unit tests back into impl/

Working Weld Embedded (default) and AS7 profiles (with one test failure, which I consider a bug in Solder and/or AS7)

This patch also removes the hacky MavenArtifactResolver and uses a hard-coded paths, such as ../impl/target/solder-impl.jar to ZipImport Solder Modules. I believe this is now the most robust method for importing artifacts from the same project, for which MavenDependencyResolver cannot be used. That is, until the MavenImporter is ready (which should be Real Soon Now, see SHRINKWRAP-325). The only downside of this is that <finalName/> has been added to solder POMs, so that the build outputs have a reliable file name.

You can merge this Pull Request by running:

 git pull testsuite-update-2

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-- Commit Summary --

* yet another testsuite structure
* rebase Ken's testsuite updates, moved unit tests back to impl/

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