On Wed, Mar 10, 2010 at 6:57 AM, Pete Muir <pmuir@redhat.com> wrote:

As we split Seam into modules (and as some like remoting and XML approach a beta release), we need to consider how JIRA should look for Seam 3.

We plan to release modules independently, with a "feature-boxed" lifecycle, releasing modules either as features are added, or critical issues arrive. We also plan a "bundle release" at regular intervals, which takes all the modules, and provides a single stack that are tested to work well together.

Keeping JIRA simple and monolithic has the advantage of being easy to understand and point people at. We can use components to track a module. We would have to prefix the version with the module name, and tracking issues to releases becomes pretty difficult.

Using a JIRA project for each module allows much cleaner tracking of issues to releases.

I favour the latter, but am interested in others opinions.

As do I. When I file bugs (or review them), I prefer as much granularity as possible. Otherwise, searching and filtering is just too much effort.


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