You are correct, Flamingo does not support conversations, however you can still inject session components. Also, from our experience with Flex + Seam + Seam Remoting I can say that conversations are rarely needed in remote calls.  Conversations are very useful with JSF, but in Flex the state is usually kept at the client side.

Other nice Flamingo features:

* Flamingo integrates with Seam Remoting, which is excellent for us since we were already using Seam Remoting to glue our Flex app with Seam (using Javascript so far)

* It integrates Hibernate Validator with Flex (we haven't tested this feature yet)

* It supports both AMF and Hessian. The Flamingo doc says that Hessian has roughly 1.5 better performance than AMF. FYI, we have decided to use AMF because Hessian has some serialization constraints, but I do remember one developer I met at Adobe Flex Camp complaining about AMF performance (which is way better than XML / SOAP, by the way). So Hessian could be the solution in those cases where performance is critical.


On Wed, Mar 26, 2008 at 6:30 AM, Pete Muir <> wrote:
I'm still hoping that they can join in the discussion of how best to
integrate Seam with Flex and make this a unified effort.

Currently my understanding (based partly on discussions with Cameron)
is that the work from Cameron et. al. is more advanced (mainly as it
supports the conversation scope).

We still want to provide Flex support within a Seam distro.


On 26 Mar 2008, at 13:17, Max Rydahl Andersen wrote:
> We are talking to the exadel guys about yes.
> Currently waiting for them to come back with info on how our users
> can use
> it when it is under a GPL license. They should come back to us soon
> about that.
> Pete might know more.
> -max
>> Hello everyone,
>> We have recently integrated Exadel Flamingo (released at JBoss
>> World this
>> year) and we are very happy so far.
>> Have you tested it out? Any experiences you'd like to share?
>> (positives and
>> negatives)
>> Below is a brief report from Darius Zangrean, my team mate who
>> integrated
>> Flamingo into our app. (I included Darius in the cc list).
>> =====
>> Integrating Flamingo with Seam is a breeze. Here are the few steps
>> I had to
>> take:
>> 1. Drop couple of jars on WEB-INF/lib (flamingo-service-1.0.0.jar,
>> amf-serializer-1.0.0.jar)
>> 2. Include the flamingo swc to your flex project (flamingo-
>> flex-1.0.0.swc)
>> After doing this all the java functions are available to be called
>> from
>> flex. You can also restrict to only make the @WebRemote functions
>> available on flex. The manual included with the zip distribution
>> is great
>> and includes basic examples of usage:

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