Would it be possible to implement a scope that just doesn't store the instance? It would be like a request scope, except it would just skip adding it to the context so a new one each time it's accessed.

That's basically how the stateless scope was done in Seam 2. The @Unwrap was something extra in Seam 2 since the injections were not proxy-based. We can merge the two ideas into a truly stateless scope since producers create first-class beans in CDI.


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I just tried to implement this and it did not work, and after looking at the spec even if it did work I don't think it would be portable due to the following language:

Suppose beans A, B and Z all have normal scopes. Suppose A has an injection point x, and B has an injection point y. Suppose
further that both x and y resolve to bean Z according to the rules of typesafe resolution. If a is the current instance of
A, and b is the current instance of B, then both a.x and b.y refer to the same instance of Z. This instance is the current instance
of Z.

The other way of providing this is to provide an extension that uses javassist to create @Dependent scoped proxies, these proxies could then call the producer method on every invocation, however it requires a dependency on javassist.


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On 7 Jun 2010, at 12:19, Stuart Douglas wrote:

I have been thinking about adding a stateless scope to weld extensions, that would allow for a similar construct to @Unwrap from seam 2. Basically if you have a Stateless producer method the the producer will be called every time a method on the proxy is invoked.

The main downside that I can see is that beans that have a stateless scope no longer have a well defined lifecycle, so disposal methods etc will not be called, however as long as this is documented I don't think that this is much of a problem.

Yeah, I think there is a strong case for providing this.

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