Hello everyone! While we don't create a repo at Github for this, I wrote some topics that i think we should cover in a Seam 2 o JEE6 migration tutorial. WDYT?

Seam 2 to JEE6 migration - Full tutorial

Chapter 1
Seam 2 app - describe the features (Like DI features, Conversation Scope, enhanced EL, EJB integration...)

Chapter 2 - JEE 6 basics **
** Very important. Ppl dont google about it and they know too few to understand the meaning of CDI by theirselves, so this tutorial must have JEE basics
2.1 JEE 6 new specs
2.2 DI Spec
2.3 CDI - fix DI missing context points
Chapter 3 - Migrating to JSF 2
Assuming that your base project is made with JSF, lets migrate them to JSF to. We solve here some EL problems and scope problems that we did not have for JSF1. Also show that some seam 2 EL enhancements now are useless.

Chapter 4 - Applying CDI into your existing Seam 2 project
-> Show here how DI features from Seam 2 are now useless and meaningless due CDI spec

Note that step by step we show that seam 2 lost their reason to exist inside a JEE 6 environment

Chapter 5 - Point CDI problems (E.g no VieScoped, etc)

Chapter 6 - Show how we fix these CDI problems and missing points

Hanneli Carolina Andreazzi Tavante
Caelum - Ensino e Inovação