I originally preferred the former idea, however after thinking about it for a while I've changed my mind.  I think the release versions and project roadmap is just going to be too hard to coordinate for a bunch of independent modules with their own release cycles.  With that in mind, if no-one has any objections I'll start arranging the creation of new JIRA projects for our modules, starting with the modules that are first out the door (remoting and xml).  What does everyone think of a naming scheme of SEAM-REMOTING, SEAM-XML, etc?  (The JB prefix I removed on purpose).

On 11/03/10 04:38, Lincoln Baxter, III wrote:
I agree with the latter as well. I'd like to see a JIRA project-per-module. I think it makes the most sense, and will prevent future headache, make it easier to track issues related to specific projects.


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Q : How will this work with Maven? Won't it be annoying for developers to have to explicitly specify which module to depend on (and update this every time a Seam bundle comes out)?

We'll provide a so called "stack POM" [1], which users can import into their project. They then just bump the Seam version number:


+1 This is where we get a lot of milage out of Maven (and dependency management in general).


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