Both "sides" have presented their arguments for the switching and non-switching but I think the core question is "Who is the site for?". We live in interesting times with new users (hopefully) flocking to EE 6, CDI and Weld and it is critical that those users find the usefulness of the site to be top-notch. Sure, power users such as Gavin who have been around since version 0.1 are used to it and find it exactly as he expects but if we were to take a sample of 500 new users or so the survey might show different results.

   And yes, the source is there and technically everything can be fixed but it's not that simple in practice. Say I want to add a feature and I actually manage to do it. Who says if it is to be taken into use? Who does the deploying? Who fixes it if I break something else and don't have the time to fix it immediately? The site is working but the Seam Team are framework developers, I don't think anyone expects us to pull together a feature-full wiki/forum that continues to rival anything that the jboss.org site team does for a full-time job. I am sure seamframework.org could be used as a kick-ass showcase for some part of the community, I just think (especially now that CB is not working on it) that the wiki/forum is the best part to show off.

   As a technical curiosity I might add that posting (clicking the save button to seeing the post) in wall-clock-time takes 10-15s for me with sub 50ms ping times to the site.